Bioentreprenerial internship projects – Check it out!

After two months of being in the companies and outside of university settings, all Bioentrepreneurship students gathered together to present results of the work during Practical Placement 2 course. During January 13th and 14th we listened to total 28 presentations about different projects conducted in the companies all over the world. At this point I just want to say:

While listening to the presentations I was immensely proud to be a part of this group!! Thank you guys, you are the best!

It was amazing to see how much students gained over the last year and type of results they can deliver. And here goes some facts:

Practical Placement 2 Projects list:

  1. IMS Health AB (Sweden): “Developing a Go-To-Market Strategy for Biotech and Investors in the Nordic Regions”
  2. Booz & Co: “Development of a new Go-to-Market Strategy for one of the TOP global pharmaceutical companies”
  3. Kemwell (India): “DATABASE CREATION – Customer search for Biologics unit”
  4. Stockholm Science City Foundation (Sweden): “Investigate how biobanks/registers can be a resource for companies”.
  5. SciLife Clinic (Sweden): “Develop and provide tools for an organization to assess a current health status and therefore have means for improving it.”
  6. Biolamina (Sweden): ”Market analysis including customer segmentation to produce sales statistics and market overview on new potential customers”
  7. HealthArmor, LLC (USA): “Market analysis and business plan development”
  8. Eli Lilly (Germany): “Analysis of IQWiGs critic on indirect comparison in the early benefit assessment”
  9. Pfizer (Sweden): “Analysis of orderly introduction on new medicines in Sweden”
  10. Novartis (Switzerland): “Quality Assurance in Novartis”
  11. Farmastat Norsk Legemiddelstatistikk AS (Norway): “Development of a commercial model of an analyses portfolio that can be used by the life science industry during a product launch scenario”
  12. Deallus Consulting (UK): “Competitive Landscape Analysis for better understanding of Deallus Consulting position on the market”
  13.  SwedenBio: “Marketing research to create better conditions in the development of a “unique selling proposition” for Sweden Bio or its membership offer”
  14.  Pfizer (Sweden): “Investigation of the private pneumococcal vaccine market”
  15. Pope Woodhead (UK): “Orphan drug reimbursement in Poland, Russia and Turkey – current trends and issues”
  16. SOBi (Sweden): “Analysis of new partnering opportunities”
  17. Dr. Willmar Schwabe Group (Germany): “Evaluation of a potential acquisition of Candidate AG”
  18. Biosync Technology AB/SICS/Mobile Life (Sweden): “Market verification for Affective Health system”.
  19. Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development AB (Sweden): “Investigation of the reasons why customers accept or not accept quotations”.
  20. Biogen IDEC (Sweden): “Competitor analysis and sales presentation development”
  21. IRRAS AB (Sweden): “Key opinions leaders mapping”.
  22. Pfizer (Sweden): “Greener pharmaceuticals – market research on customers willingness to pay”.
  23. Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB (Sweden): “An evaluation of contract manufacture organizations (CMOs) with the aim to provide IBT with substantial information and analysis to proceed to the selection of the CMO who will manage the production of material for clinical trials”
  24. RxEye AB (Sweden): “Enviromental analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis of Digital Pathology service provided by RxEye AB”.
  25. GE Healthcare (Sweden): “Competitor Analysis 2013”.
  26. Fiberstar (USA): “How can Fiberstar Apply for Horizon 2020 and does it make sense commit resources to applying for this funding program?”
  27. Immunicum AB (Sweden): “Business Development of CD70 Platform”.
  28. Bayer (Germany): “Management Consulting in the area of R&D”.

On 20th of January Master Thesis course starts and I am already looking forward to master thesis presentations in May! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bioentreprenerial internship projects – Check it out!

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    1. Thank you for the feedback and for sharing your webpage, can be very valuable for master students

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