Here comes the sun! Have I said it before?

KI’s Aula Medica surrounded by whiteness, a week ago

Longer days are returning. Now we have the luxury of 7 hours of light, and going up. After a December looking more like November and without snow, January has given us the gift of the whiteness. It could be a mess after snowing but you really see the difference from one day to another regarding how light is the day. Sunlight reflected in snow (that is everywhere) really has an impact on how your mood is, especially from a very long, gray, dark and rainy Christmas time. In December we only had and initial snowfall but after that we had always temperatures above zero Celsius and had a continuous drizzle that reminded me Seattle (but much colder and less green).

A side effect of the reflecting snow is that the energy from the light that could be used warming the weather is mostly returned to the sky and days tend to be colder. There is also other physical phenomenon that makes energy is used melting snow without increasing temperature, so the few light is “wasted” in other things that heating.

A Swedish friend told me that these cold days we have had are more or less an average winter. Other international friends that were here last year told me that definitely, with snow, cold and those things, this winter is quite mild compared with the last one.

Despite the colder days, snow really improved the winter time, although walking in the snow and the salt used to avoid freezing, slippery and accidents is sometimes more difficult. But time is running very fast, my first semester is over and very soon we will have better weather and a very long summer break

The backyard and the pond by my house

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