The Week So Far…

I thought I would write about my week so far. So I am ,as stated in my previous blog, doing one course in ‘Product Development in the biomedical industry’. However, as a part of this master we must also register for a course in the Stockholm School of Economics and it can be any course of our choosing. I chose ‘Ideation: Creating a Business Idea’. The course should help me to visualise a business opportunity by creatively identifying market demands and analysing competitors. This starts on the 20th of January and I will be studying this course until the 5th of March. Other classmates have chosen what interests them and some of us will take classes in this first period while others will be in the second period.

In regards to class assignments as I stated in my previous blog I am currently involved in a project on the optimisation and improvement of Islet Cells to Type 1 Diabetic sufferers, I have already met a doctor from the Karolinska hospital in Solna who wrote his thesis on this area and has been involved in it for many years and today I met a transplantation researcher in the Karolinska Huddinge on this subject once more. I was so talkative that I took up more than hour of her time (oops.) but it was very useful and allowed me to see the subject and penultimate product in a new light. This was important both for me and my team members and class, to diverge more from a strictly ‘researched’ based product and to actually go out and interview people in the field you are interested in. This project was a perfect excuse and being a student in itself is also a great way to open doors and just get some information you may not have had otherwise.

Plodding along in Huddinge

After this I went to the Huddinge campus gym which is free for students, it is a very well equipped gym and I quite enjoy working out there as it is never too crowded, given that you can only access it by using your KI student card. After this I went to my Swedish classes, which is coming back to me slowly. (Had not spoken much when I was back in Ireland) but I am glad my progress has not slowed. Tomorrow we resume our classes and have our first workshop, which I have yet to experience in this class. I will let you know how it goes.

Hej då

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