Master programme application

2013-12-26 18.10.41Hi y’all!

Hope you’ve had a great holiday. I’ve been doing the mandatory slacking off over christmas, assuming a horizontal position on my mother’s couch while being provided with an excellent selection of glögg and lussebullar. And, as mentioned before, I spent new years in Amsterdam with Sofia and a couple of other friends. Awesome times. But last week it was back to reality and I realized I not only had to start preparing for the exam in molecular medicine but also had to get going with the application for the master programme in biomedicine.






Deadline for the Master programmes (and the bachelor programme in Biomedicine) at KI is 15/1. This means your application to must be sent in by then, but you still have until the 3/2 to send in the supporting documents, i.e. the KI CV form and documents supporting relevant work or research experience. See more information on each master programme here and on the bachelor programme in biomedicine here. But for some reason, these documents have to be sent in by snail mail to University admissions. Highly unpredictable, so I should probably get going with that.

2014-01-03 16.10.28

I still can’t believe I’m leaving for Dublin in just a week’s time. I haven’t even gotten around to being nervous yet. I’ll update you on my progression while there. Wish me luck!


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