Back in Stockholm & Welcomed by Snow

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and Christmas time. I know I did and now I am back in Stockholm! I came back on Monday afternoon and had the nicest time at home. Since coming back we only have one course so far, which is titled ‘ Product Development in the Biomedical Industry’. This has been very interesting so far, we have been divided into groups and must each come up with an innovative product within our chosen theme. My group is focusing on a product to aid the improvement of Islet Cell Transplantation for Type 1 Diabetic sufferers. This is hugely interesting to me and already we have met with a specialist in the field in the Karolinska Hospital and will be meeting a transplantation expert next week.  Moreover, this module is very much about literature reviews and real life case studies with an exam coming up shortly. In most classes we must prepare and read through a specified text and have a class discussion for 2-3 hours. This has been interesting for me because it is new to me but also because it allows me to look at the same situation but from different perspectives than my own.

Being back has been great to catch up with everyone and hear how everyone enjoyed their New Year and Christmas break. I also feel much more comfortable being back I don’t know why, I guess because I am used to everything now, I feel much more relaxed in my course and have made good friends here it just feels nicer. This may also be because to it began to snow yesterday! I have not seen snow for literally years and I honestly thought the chances of snow were gone and I opened my blind and quite surprisingly snow covered everything. I have included a photo from my very own window below. As usual any questions feel free to ask.

Beauty right outside my window.

Hej Då

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