More opportunities…

IMG_2960DPIn one previous post I talked about the chance I had to visit the Collaboration Center on Pharmacovigillance in Uppsala. And I said that in Sweden you can find things that maybe you do not have in your country. Today is the time to talk about other opportunity I have had. Although my country, Colombia, is famous for its good coffee (CafΓ© de Colombia) it is impossible to find there coffee from other countries and even for many years it was very difficult to get locally grown high quality coffee as it was exported and we drunk only beverage from “pasilla“, the lower quality product.

In Stockholm I have found many types of coffee. Of course the better one is not cheap (as most of the goods in Sweden). And sometimes expensive ones are not the best. Anyway, here I can get coffee from many places of the world and I have found a couple of places that focus in specialty coffees where I found not only interesting coffees but a magnificent coffee culture that assure freshness and quality. I continue my quest to find new places where I could find new good and different options.

One of the laws of good coffee is that the one found in the supermarket is not good coffee. You need to know when the coffee was roasted, have good storage conditions, keep it in beans, consume it not more than a month after roasted and grind it just before the brewing moment. These rules are something many Swedes know but most of Colombians do not. Because although we export high quality coffee we are not used to drink it (remember the pasilla type coffee).

Do tea lovers have the same chance that coffee lovers? I have seen a lot of very interesting tea shops and I know that tea culture is older and could be richer than coffee one. But as I do not know much about tea I am not sure if they are skilled in the handling and preparation. But I can tell you that it has been difficult for me to find pu-erh tea, the type we use to drink with my wife.



Pictures by Mauricio Duque Arrubla

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