Yes, here we are, it’s yet a new year.

The past weeks have passed by so fast I hardly know what happened. There was christmas, with the beautiful tree decorated by me and my b/f:
christmas tree
and then of course new years eve in Amsterdam, which started of with biking in heavy rain – forcing me to extreme methods to keep the eye make-up from running.
The irony of wearing fake-glasses whilst wearing lenses, is not lost on me.
Followed by a very nice party called Dekmantel in the westergasfabriek-area of Amsterdam
With falling into bed at nine in the morning, I feel like the new year was sufficiently celebrated.
Getting back to reality has however proven difficult! I am almost back on normal 24h-rythm, waking up at 10.30 a.m. this morning is a huge improvement from waking up 4.30 p.m. on the 1st of january.

But here’s the resolutions before the 15th of january when I leave for London:
1. Must not procrastinate.
2. Must study for final exam on 13th of january.
3. Must buy new laptop. (current one is kapot, as the dutch say)
4. Must prepare presentation for 15th of january.
5. Must apply for masters programmes. (swedish masters progammes admissions close on 15th of january)
6. Must read articles about my research project this upcoming semester.
7. Must register online for Imperial college. (last week of registration is this week I believe…)

Darn it, I’m already procrastinating again!

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