I was taking a walk at Gamla Stan and realized that they have removed all the booths that were present for the Christmas market. Other than the Julbord, Christmas decorations, the Christmas market (Julmarknad) was one other aspect to look forward to during the Christmas season.

Such concepts of Christmas markets are not present in Singapore. The closest we got are the night markets (known as pasar malams) that move across the city. I was really determined in trying to visit all or at least most of the Christmas markets in Stockholm. These Christmas markets are open-air markets that sell various Christmas items, handicrafts and traditional Swedish food items that you can sample.

There are numerous Christmas markets around Stockholm. Some will be open everyday till the weekend before Christmas, while some will be only open on weekends and others only for a specific day or two.

Christmas markets at Gamla Stan and Kungsträgåden are opened everyday. The one at Kungsträgåden is right next to the ice skating ring, which is perfect as you can enjoy a nice cup glögg with pepparkakor when taking a break from skating.

One other Christmas market that I attended was the one at Drottningholm Palace. This is only open for two days. It had a very nice setting just by the palace.

Julmarknad at Drottningholm Palace
Drottningholm Palace
Drottningholm Palace

Other than the usual Christmas markets, I attended the one organized by Konstfact, which is the largest university college of arts, crafts and design in Sweden. They had various booths that sold very interesting pieces of art.

Konstfact Julmarknad
Konstfact Julmarknad


The Christmas market that I loved the most was the one at Sigtuna, a picturesque medieval town. Sigtuna is Sweden’s oldest town and is located by the lakeside. There were numerous stalls that were around the whole town and you can enjoy life music, the Lucia celebrations and Fika in one of the many cafés. I loved my visit here so much that I had to visit it more than once.

Christmas Goodies!
Christmas Goodies!


Soaking in the Christmas atmosphere
Soaking in the Christmas atmosphere

Christmas markets are a must-visit.

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