Merry Christmas/Christmas in Stockholm!

Today is the 26th of December – boxing day in countries that have some commonwealth ties, and a day to consume additional portions of food that have not been consumed in the previous two days of the ‘Christmas Holiday.’

It is very early to think about this – for most of you – however, it is worth a thought…

What will you do during Christmas in Stockholm, when you are a student in the Global Health course. So for starters.. it is unclear when you will get a holiday – and officially – you dont really get a holiday at all. This time has been set aside for the research project, which means – where ever you are, what ever you do – you will need to have not only finailsed your thesis topic, but also have a completed thesis proposal done by the time you come back to class. Bear this in mind. Also – it is very costly to go home – so you might want to factor that into your calculations. 

So, there are a few options that are available to you:

1. You can go home – If you live some where in Europe this is probably what you are going to do….

2. You can plan a trip with some of you global health class mates – Your Global Health class will become your family – so this is really a worthwhile opportunity to get to know them better and form those indelible friendships that will take you through life. Some of my class mates have some very exciting things planned! (very jealous:(…)!

3. You can travel Europe on your own – this is specifically enticing if you come from one of the further afield destinations, US, South America, any where on the African continent, SE Asia… (you get the point). So one of my fellow bloggers – Dan Yen is jet setting off on a whirl wind trip around Europe (which am sure you will all hear about)

4. You can stay here – in Stockholm and soak up the culture. With this option however, you need to be careful. Stockholmers go home to their families, and they often are very private. So Stockholm becomes very empty and a little eerie. So if you choose to stay in Stockholm, make sure you have a secure group of friends who are all staying with you and you can do dinners and drinks together. Alternativly you should try to find someone who wants to take you home with them to celebrate with their family. 


Some thoughts… hope they are useful!


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