Is It Really Over?

I have, by some miracle of god, finished all assignments! An intense time but so rewarding to be done and now I can relax, well kind of. I still have coursework to look over and a group project which is ongoing but for a good 15 days I will be back in Ireland with my family and friends so I can imagine I won’t be thinking of that until I come back. I am spending my last weekend here before I fly home on Monday. A lot of my classmates and friends have already left and it has been very strange, especially in my corridor where I think almost everyone has left. It has never been so quiet.


Christmas at the Karolinska Hospital

This weekend has been very relaxing thus far and it is nice for me to go back to being a tourist again and just wander around Stockholm and grab a coffee without deadlines looming. I am sure the New Year will be just as exciting as 2013 and I am looking forward to seeing where this Masters will take me. I am most excited for my placement in May I believe, we have already been invited to see a presentation that 2nd year MBE Bioentrepreneurship students will give, regarding their experience with Internships so far, which will be very interesting and inspiring. So far, to me it seems that we have a lot of say where we are placed, depending on where our interests lie and we will be given a lot of help from the department. I think, right now that I want to go into the ‘sustainability’ side of business, particularly with a renewable energy perspective. Of course I have my BSc in  Environmental Science so this is typical I guess.

Hej Då


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