End of an era (and a year for that matter)

This week we had the last lecture of the molecular medicine course. And since it’s the last course of the programme (next semester being devoted to the thesis) it was also the last lecture of the whole biomedicine programme. It feels… surreal. Still have the exam and the presentation of the research application to look forward to of course 😉 But I don’t have to worry too much about that yet.

First up are holiday activities! This semester, me and two friends in the class joined a gospel choir and we happen to have a Christmas concert tomorrow at 7.30 pm in the Filadelfia church at St Eriksplan. Feel free to check it out. Since it also happens to be the birthday of one of these friends, we’re going to a tapas restaurant afterwards to celebrate.

Then it’s the usual last minute panic-christmas shopping. Never seem to be able to do that well in time. I suppose that is part of the charm though. For New Year’s Eve, I’m going to Amsterdam with a couple of friends, including the fabulous Sofia (check out her blog!).

After New Year’s it’s back to business. In parallel with studying for the exam, I also have to start applying for Master programmes AND deal with everything around the relocation to Dublin.

Wish me luck! /Lovisa

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