Final week before christmas break, and I am up to my ears in things to do.

I think this is the typical week when everyone have final reports and exams, but annoyingly and very inconveniantly my course exam is after christmas and new years.

Tomorrow is however my last day of class, a review of a lab we’ve had these past couple of weeks and giving comments to each others lab reports. On friday we are supposed to send in a revised version of our lab report. Also on friday another huge project is due, which has stretched over this entire course and hasn’t exactly been my favorite project ever.

Tomorrow evening there is also the biomedicine section christmas party. Free food and cheap drinks, wohoo! And on thursday I’m going to some friends christmas concert followed by a birthday dinner for one of them. So, full week already there. Although of course fun things!

But then, I also need to pack up my dear student apartment as I’m leaving Stockholm for London this final semester and don’t intend to live in Stockholm any more after graduation. Oh how quickly the years are passing…

And what else can we pile on there? Well, there’s always the fact that I haven’t  finished shopping christmas gifts. I am a person who puts heart and soul into christmas presents, never buying just for the sake of buying. Usually whilst walking around I find just the right thing, but this year it’s been hopeless. The christmas decorations are beautiful though, but there’s unfortunately no snow or cold anymore.

Oh well. As of friday I will officially take holiday and not care about anything until after new years. Sometimes you just have to do that as well.
What christmas should look like. Seems unlikely this year though.

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