Nobel Nightcap :D

Okay so the Nobel Nightcap event happened on Tuesday night and what a night it was! Firstly I will detail some of the happenings which led up to the event. Every volunteer (hundreds) was registered and had to do 6 shifts of 4 hours in order to transform the Aula and Medicinska Föreningen building into a decadent, theatrical and enchanting venue. ALOT of work and especially for group leaders who spent almost every day on site was involved. I really admire the focus and drive of the students and I just wish I could have helped more. A huge job well done to the students and my own group and especially my group leader did such a great job and worked so enthusiastically having many sleepless nights! The overall experience from construction to the night was fantastic. I have made such good friends within my construction group, the other volunteers and my nobel guide group.


Nobel guides- image courtesy of NNC website

There was an overall theme of holidays with each room having a specific holiday destination and the aula becoming an ‘airport’ everyone was dressed according to the theme of the room they were in. One of my favorite ‘rooms’ was actually outside and it was themed as the Dalarna region in Sweden, with traditional swedish market outside.. this meant swedish licorice, glögg (mulled wine), chocolates and cracker-bread, did I mention all drinks and food was free? Another was ‘Italy’ coffee, ice cream, tiramisu with little italian patio style seating and also ‘Cuba’ dance floor which was glow in the dark and just completely mental! A great area was ‘Tokyo’ which was the first room guests saw in MF, sake and sushi and other japanese foods, then you moved into the ‘atlantic ocean’ themed of course under the sea with a submarine as a bar and jellyfish hanging from the ceiling, this was a very inspired room! Naturally sea food was served here and the Nobel VIP area overlooked this. Another room was ‘the amazon’, covered in wallpaper of trees and fake trees everywhere, this room had a huge chocolate fountain and lovely cocktails. This led to the ‘ice room’ with a polar bear carved from ice! Pretty cool and I did, admittedly gorge myself on chocolate, mulled wine, champagne and god only knows how many macaroons but as they say you only live once right?!

However prior to all of this  I was waiting for my Nobel Laureate to turn up. It was great  because as I was waiting a few of the other laureates began to arrive. As we were waiting in the VIP ‘checkin’ area there was no one else there but us guides and I was able to meet and greet the Laureates and their families. They could not have been nicer and were in such good spirits. I was especially delighted to get the chance to meet Francois Englert, a man whose work I am very interested in. However I resisted the urge to talk quantum physics… for some unexplainable reason 😀

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my laureate but come 1:00am I was informed he wasn’t coming..  typical me! Luckily another laureate (M. Levitt!) arrived with quite the entourage and I joined his group. He was a really interesting and fun character as were the rest of his family. They were all so happy to be here in Sweden and I hope everyone had a good time. I, along with all of the other volunteers stayed until 7:30am to help clean up and clean the chaos. The event was a lot of work but so worth it.  It turned out to be one of the most amazing nights and all of us guides got on so well it was definitely a night which will stay with me in years to come.

At the 'airport'

At the ‘airport’

Unfortunately due to all the ‘guiding’ I had no time to take any pictures apart from 1 taken in the waiting area (please see above!).

Regarding study I have so much to do. My next post will be all about the current assignments and modules I have due.

Hej då!


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