A weekend in Stockholm

It’s monday morning again.

The molecular medicine course, last course I have before my exam work and graduation, allows a lot of spare time (which I can assure you none of the other courses do), which is good for me so I can catch up on all kinds of things I need to get done except for schoolwork. Like posting here!

It’s been a cold weekend, starting with a snowstorm on friday which covered Stockholm in a bit of wet snow
2013-12-06 21.25.44
Me and a classmate decided that the best thing to do was to go for a glass of wine straight after school, at a cosy bar not far from school called Bagpipers Inn.
There would of course be the cheaper opportunity of going to the school pub at MF (our student union) which is every friday at four, but we felt like going somewhere else for a change. Bagpipers Inn and the pub downstairs of it which I can never remember the name of, are Aussie-oriented pubs which amongst normal things also serve kangaroo filets and the place downstairs has kangaroo burgers if I remember correctly. The staff speak english, but I’m not sure if they’re all australian and there’s a lot of international guests at the pub as well. Probably especially nice if you’re an english speaker, but we had a good time there as well.
2013-12-06 18.03.44
On saturday I went for a long run in the snow during those few hours when the sun was still up. It was very icy and the wind was very cold!! But I was still happy I did it. I however did not feel like going outside again that day, so I decided to check out my student house unions christmas party downstairs, with free glögg and gingerbread cookies for all!
It ended up being a very pleasant evening with people I’ve never met before, and it suddenly felt a little sad I’m moving away from here in just a couple of weeks. But it just goes to show that you can constantly meet new people if you’re just active in making it happen.

On sunday it was the second of advent. I like starting very slow in the morning (I am a nocturnal entity…) , so I saw a christmas movie on TV whilst having breakfast  and then had to hurry to get to the gym before having a sunday dinner with BScLovisa and some other friends of ours at four. They had been inspired by Gordon Ramsay to make a Wellington beef
2013-12-08 17.56.39
Which we were all very impressed by
2013-12-08 17.57.06
There was of course the obligatory glögg and “Lussekatter” as well and Home Alone which I hadn’t watched in something like ten years… Wow those are some truly horrible parents that kid has.

Well. Now it’s monday. Two weeks until christmas!
2013-12-07 11.11.44

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