Yesterday was the first of advent.

According to Wikipedia this tradition, just like many others, was started by the church. Back then it was about 40 days of fasting before the birth of jesus. But somehow, here in Sweden it has become the four sundays before christmas (which is on the 24th here, not 25th as in many other countries) and mostly we stuff our faces with buns and christmas candy on these sundays.

Many people go to church on the first of advent, even if they never go otherwise and don’t believe in god. Nevertheless it’s common to go and light a candle for people you are thinking about and listen to church choires, which with church acoustics sounds especially beautiful.

But mainly the tradition is lighting one long candle on the first of advent, two candles on the second, three on the third and, as you might’ve guessed, four candles on the fourth of advent which would be christmas eve if it’s on a sunday.

Also, the first of advent is when many people argue it’s “officially” okay to put up your christmas decorations – not before then.
2013-12-01 20.03.06
These are my decorations, with the traditional “advents-ljusstake” and the “christmas star”-flower which is sold everywhere from now until christmas.

2013-12-01 20.02.56
I also made an orange&gingerbread cheesecake which was really easy to make and turned out great! (recipe from ICA, the supermarket I’ve previously mentioned)

I also have a bunch of movies I watch every year around this season to really get into the christmas spirit. Yesterday it was time for this one!
the holiday

According to me, christmas has now officially started.

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