Taking three courses at the same time!

It feels like it’s been a while since I blogged and there is a very good explanation for this. I have three simultaneous courses.

Now, it just seems normal to many people to have many courses at the same time, but once you get to KI (and possibly to Sweden), you get used to the fact of taking one course at a time to the extent that it really feels weird having more than one.

My situation is not only restricted to me, but to most of my 2nd year colleagues in the Health Informatics programme and this owes to the fact that we have something unique (compared to the other Global Master’s programmes at KI) in the 3rd semester that is called “Elective courses”. I will describe in details in further posts what these are because you probably read about them in the programme’s description and might be left wondering what they really are and what their purpose is.

What I’m currently taking is a course called “Modelling, Simulation and Visualization in Health Informatics” which is a mandatory course in our programme that is offered by DSV (Stockholm’s University), another course offered by Stockholm’s School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) called “From Idea to Business Service”  and the third is “Advanced Medical Management” by KI (it’s a course for Public Health students).

The real challenge is to keep up with all the deadlines of the assignments and be able to attend because these courses are not designed to be taken simultaneously, but more or less alone so in many cases deadlines and attendance times coincide. So far (with so much hard work), it worked well, but I can’t deny that I’m feeling stressed and thinking back of the times when I only had one course at a time 🙂

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