Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year. Though it is still about a month away, it feels like Christmas is already here in Stockholm. All the Christmas decorations are up and the city looks amazing.  You can practically see candles and stars at almost every window. These brighten up the city and it helps with coping with the early fall of darkness.

Among the numerous things to do during this Christmas season, one thing that you should not miss is the Julbord (literal translation, Christmas table). The Swedish Julbord is a huge spread of various traditional Swedish dishes. There are numerous restaurants offering the Julbord and the one I visited was at IKEA. http://www.ikea.com/ms/sv_SE/restaurang.html Visit this site and take a look at the menu, the spread of food is amazing. There are many variations in the food offered at different julbords, but there are several standard traditional dishes that you will get to try at every buffet.


-Extensive spread
-Extensive spread

The no.1 traditional dish is herring. I was amazed at the different types of herrings that were on the buffet table. The herrings are either pickeld or cured, and are one of the first dishes that you would eat. Every herring had a unique taste to it. I was warned that it was going to be a challenge to face the unfamiliar taste of this dish, but that didn’t stop me from trying every single one of it. However, if you never had them before, I would suggest you to start of with a really small portion. (:  Speaking about fish, there were loads of different types of salmon too! It was amazing.

-Check out the colours!
-Check out the colours!

Meatballs another standard dish, different sausages and loads of ham were all laid on the buffet table. My most favourite dish was another well-loved traditional dish the Janssons Fretelse. This casserole was made up of julienned potatoes, sliced onions, anchovy fillets and cream.

What’s a buffet without dessert? Ris à la malta, which was similar to like rice pudding and ostkaka (cheesecake) was on the dessert menu. These once again had a very different taste, which I enjoyed!



On the whole, I had an amazing experience trying all the different types of traditional Swedish dishes.There were too many dishes to go on describing every one of them so, I recommend everyone to visit at least one julbord, I mean what’s a Swedish Christmas without one?

God Jul!

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