As some of you may or may not know the official Nobel Prize ceremony is held in Stockholm. Every year on the 10th of December- the anniversary of Alfred Nobels death, the Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature have been awarded in Stockholm since 1901. After the Nobel banquet the official Nobel after-party, the ‘Nobel Nightcap’, will take place in the Karolinska Institutet. The students at KI get the opportunity to participate in the event on a voluntary basis. Naturally I felt obliged and so excited to apply and I am now officially a member of the Nobel Nightcap event in the Karolinska which is just so exciting.

I have the role of ‘Nobel Laureate Guide’ which means I am so fortunate that I will spend the night of the event with one of the Nobel prize winners! I have my preference for which prize winner I would like to be with but I don’t want to be picky as even speaking or staring at one of them would be an honour. However, I do not yet know whom I will be ‘guiding’ but I will need to start studying everything about pretty much everything as soon as I can before the event so I can answer any questions he or she may have.

Aula at Karolinska Institutet
Aula at Karolinska Institutet

This event is huge and literally hundreds of students apply and as a result unfortunately many are not submitted. While it is a voluntary basis the experience and the uniqueness of it all makes for the most sought after ticket in town 🙂 If you arrive here and want to participate be prepared to fill out many forms and have an interview if you are going for one of the team leader roles. As of right now the construction week for the event is taking place with literally hundreds of students helping to make the Karolinska as beautiful as it can be for the Nobel prizewinners, their families and many other prestigious guests who will be in attendance. I am however not going to say anymore on the event as it is understandably shrouded in secrecy.

Just wanted to update you guys. Next blog will be more academic based… I think 🙂 Any questions feel free to ask,

Hej då


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