Practical Placement 2: Working on Digital Health Project

As I told in one of my previous posts, all students at second year of Bioentrepreneurship program are working on the projects in the companies during 2 months of Autumn Fall. For my Practical Placement 2 I chose to work in a company, aiming to commercialized the product that was developed in purely research environment, thus “bridging the gap between science and business”. Exactly what Bioentrepreneurship program was designed for.

A company I am working for is a spin-off from Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) – the biggest IT-related research organization in Sweden. The company was founded with the aim to commercialize one of the so called “Digital Health” solutions developed at the research center in SICS. As the company is at the very first stage of its existence, I have a chance to see how processes of both building up the company and starting commercialization are conducted.

I really enjoy company’s environment and find it very friendly and educational. The company consists of one permanent employee, which is a company’s CEO, a group of researches, who worked with the product at different stage of its development, few industry advisors on contract basis and me. Physically company is located in “Mobile Life” research department of SICS, where the system was developed. Mobile Life research center has a focus on human-computer interaction and experience design. Researches at Mobile Life are specialists with backgrounds in behavioral science, computer systems and design, who focus on delivering solutions which users will find playful and easy-to-use. The environment is highly innovative and unusual and I am still learning about their ongoing projects!

In their work Mobile Life researches are focused on understanding how people use technology and what end-users feel while using it, while business potential of the research is not always assessed. All business aspects of the project I discuss with CEO of the company. We share the news, discuss strategy, evaluate ideas, brainstorm on the topics and decide on the next steps. I always try to use the opportunity and learn more about the process of building up the company. In addition to our internal meetings, I participate in meetings with potential partners and customers. I am learning quite intensively through this involvement in company’s daily work and my exposure to different activities.

Apart from working environment, I really like the product mostly because it is one of the examples of the Digital Health products era, so widely discussed now. It is a system comprising a wristband with biosensors measuring arousal levels of the person and mobile application that presents collected data on a smartphone in real-time in a very easy for interpretation way. Thus the system provides insights on what causes stress in a person and empowers this person or her/his caregiver to reflect on what can be done in order to decrease the amount of stress in everyday life. What can I say – technologies now have reached a fantastic level and I really believe in big potential of Digital Health solutions both healthcare improvement.

This Practical Placement 2 will be finished on 7th of January. Next step – is MASTER THESIS. But I will tell about it in one of my future blogs 🙂

Good luck and be inspired!


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