cards, cards and more cards…..

For some reason the Swedes love their cards…. transportation cards, bank cards, grocery cards, shopping cards, gift cards, college cards … and the list goes on….

Since, I started studying at KI, my card collection has increased. It started off with a KI student card. This also, serves as the library card. Then I had to get another student card called the mecanat card, which acts as a student ID for using the local transport.

Next comes the cards with Stockholm University since the Health Informatics Program is a joint program. This is where I ended up with a Stockholm University student ID, a DSV student ID and a library card.

Then there is the sl card that is used for local transport. It doesn’t end with this, two library cards, one for all libraries in Stockholm and another for all libraries in Solna.

Then there are the most important cards : a  Swedish ID card, a residence permit card and bank cards ….

As a result of all these, one ends up with numerous accounts, usernames, passwords and pin codes and all the confusion that comes with it. Thus, one needs a bigger wallet, strong wallet organization skills and some extra memory to remember all those passwords.

3 thoughts on “cards, cards and more cards…..

  1. Hi Ragashree, you touch on a very interesting point. I would suggest that you present these ideas at the KI Evolution webpage. Perhaps your experience could result in a more encompassing, single card, who knows? To me, it definitely seems like something that would be easily fixed.

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