Semester 1 in KI..


My exams are finally over and I can now blog in peace. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope that everything goes well.  It has been 3 months since I have arrived and have completed different courses. I decided that maybe I should do a post on the courses that I have done so far.

In semester 1, we will have to complete two courses,

1)    Applied Communications in Biomedicine 1

2)    Frontiers in Translational Medicine 1

Applied Communications in Biomedicine 1

 This course was a very interesting one centered around applied communication in the biomedicine field. It covered various areas such as philosophy of science and bioethics, abstract writing, poster presentation and presentation skills. We had lectures on the philosophy of science and bioethics and had to write a paper on any topic that addressed a bioethical issue. We were asked to re-write the abstract of a paper and were given feedback on the ways we could improve our writing. We prepared posters for scientific papers that we chose and also had plenty of training on how to perfect a scientific presentation. The area on public speaking and scientific presentation was really useful and you could actually see yourself improving as the lessons progressed. I really enjoyed this course! (:

Frontiers in Translational Medicine 1

I am still in the midst of completing this course. It stretches till next year. As you can see from the title, it’s all about translational medicine. Basically, research that focuses on linking the findings and discoveries from the lab into practice in clinics, how to effectively diagnose patients and treat them.

This course is not specific in one specific field of biomedicine but instead gives an overview of them all. Areas covered in this course are 1) Tools in Molecular Medicine 2) Immunology 3) Cardiovascular 4) Neuroscience 5) Cancer 6) Infection.  Each area will be covered over 1-2 weeks. So, it is kind of like an information overload but constant studying will help. Not only do we have lectures, we also have journal clubs for each area and lab sessions.

Overall, this course is good in being able to give you an overview of all the different areas you could venture into to pursue your research in. You will get to meet and interact with many different lecturers and if your are interested in any one of their research areas you can go forward and speak to them about a research opportunity in their lab.

Hope this has helped you in getting a better understanding of how the courses are like in semester 1!

Hej då!

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