My oh my, almost december already.

This sunday is the first of advent here in Sweden. Last year – when I did the exchange in Leiden – was the first time I realized that advent is a swedish thing. I’ll get back to you on what that is. With pictures.

But Sweden, which I always thought was a country mainly without traditions, apparently have quite a few. One of them I celebrated this weekend, in Skåne (or Scania as international people call it, because they can’t pronounce Skåne).
A lot of regions in Sweden have their own traditions, and the goose dinner this weekend, is traditional for Skåne. My parents who are from the north, don’t mind any reason to celebrate, so they embraced this holiday when they lived in Lund (where I was born) for a couple of years.

We have a summer home in Skåne and my parents invited some friends and family there and we had the traditional goose dinner. Starting with “black soup” – consisting of goose blood and liver sausage amongst other things.
2013-11-23 18.44.52
For main course there’s stuffed goose, similar to the thanksgiving turkey, served with red cabbage with various spices, pickled cucumber, apples and “hasselbackspotatis”:
Dessert could be anything. We had a delicious apple pie with a wheat crust and melted “mandelmassa” (kind of like marsipane).
But apart from nice cuisine, Skåne (and especially Österlen) is known for a lot of culture such as art, ceramics, theatre, antiques and yardsales
2013-11-23 15.24.41
There’s also idyllic little villages, beautiful old houses and a very special, genuine sort of people in the area of Skåne.
2013-05-09 15.14.25

(this is in spring, november is not as green and bright unfortunately, but has its own charm!)

2013-05-09 21.18.00
You will definitely feel that you’re in the countryside. Not only for all the farms and farmanimals around, but also the extreme peace and quiet you get in this area. And the complete dark will make for excellent star-gazing on a clear night. You have probably never seen so many of them, or seen them so clearly.

Skåne is a part of Sweden you don’t want to miss. You can easily get around with the train, but highly recommendable would be to go in the summer and either walk or bike around Skåne. There’s plenty of B&Bs around.

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