Master’s Theses Weeks 1-3

Hello again everyone!

At the beginning of November the Toxicology Program students started their Master’s thesis. We started two months earlier than the other international MA programs but we all end at the same time, meaning that we in our program have a couple extra months to hopefully produce results to write about. We all started looking for projects as soon as the fall term began. This would give us enough time to make sure we had a project ready when we started and possibly a few backup projects just in case our primary topic became unavailable.

I have decided that the best way for me to describe what I am doing with my project was to update everyone on a weekly basis. This will give you a real-time generation of how a MA project develops, and the time you may spend on each segment.

The project the I am working on is titled “Bacterial Population Growth Dynamics Influenced by HQNO/Antibiotics in a Chemostat”. That is a mouthful, so I don’t worry if you don’t get it. Essentially I am growing groups of bacteria together and I will apply different antibiotics to their environment (which in this case is a set up called a “Chemostat”) and I will record their levels of growth. After that my goal would be to apply mathematical models to those levels in order to confirm my results with the variables I used.

During the first three weeks of my project I was introduced to the important members of my lab. I had to fill out forms, and apply for my access card in and out of the building. I also had to work on doing background research into my topic. Based on what I have heard from my course mates, everyone is essentially on a similar step. It is difficult to move on to something else without having the information you may need to do so. My reading has had me focused on bacteria growth and the Chemostat dynamics. I ran a couple practice experiments on week two and worked on analyzing the data that I got on week three.

I will spend this weekend reading another few articles, then begin ironing out the details for my main experiment next week! 

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