At the stadium

IMG_2758I must acknowledge that I am not a big fan of football (soccer, in the US). Once I was, when I was a child and, maybe, teen. But I got older and realized how dirty professional football, FIFA and those things are. However I live very near of Friends Arena, the stadium where Swedish football team plays its matches and I decided do not lose the opportunity to knew that arena in a Swedish team match. Sweden played against Austria and Germany some weeks ago but when I planned to go, all tickets were sold out. Later I learnt that Sweden went to play-offs and I was wondering if I really wanted to go to see it.

A friend of us, Andrea, made the arrangements to go to the Stockholm tennis open to see the final day and it was great. So, my wife, when I asked her if we were going to the football match, answered with a round “yes, off course!”

IMG_2750 Fortunately they had not started yet to sell the tickets and I prepared myself to be on the web ready to buy them at the moment of launching. I got 4 tickets and we went to the match last night. Portugal had won the match in Lisbon, 1-0, and Sweden needed to go uphill to classify to the final round of World Cup.

Sweden has become my second home country and the football team uniform has the same colors as Colombia’s one: yellow and blue. But at the moment of going to see the match I did not have any yellow clothing in my wardrobe, so, I decided to go in black.

We found ourselves in the middle of a crowd yielding and encouraging the Swedish team. We did not understand almost anything but we were also supporting the Zlatan’s team against Portugal, the Cristiano Ronaldo’s one.  We had a 10 years old Ibrahimovich in front of us and a Blue face  warrior behind us.

IMG_0097DPIMG_2759 The match was a roll coaster of emotions. Which the first goal of Portugal the crowd was silent but later started to roar again with the 2 goals of Sweden and hope was filling the chest of this country. But, you already know, Portugal scored two other goals and everything was postponed 4 years.

We returned to our houses, quite sad. The little Ibrahimovich and his family and we with a beer bath we had from one fan upstairs during the celebration of one of the Swedish goals.

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