A Typical Week Thus Far…

I wanted to detail what a week in my life is like here in Stockholm. Unlike normal people I will begin my week from Friday to Friday.

Last Friday my friend whom I lived with in Sydney for a few months came to visit. This was so nice and so much fun, however this was the second weekend in a row I had a friend visit. The week previous my childhood friend from Ireland was here for 5 days. This is to be expected, Stockholm is beautiful and already I have had 3 visits with more to come. The usual sights were seen both weekends, being Gamla Stan, Östermalmstorg and Djurgården. A balance in social and work is of course required.


View of Östermalmstorg from the bridge to Djurgården

On Sunday I had some assignments to do and Monday my academic schedule began. As of right now I have ‘Entrepreneurship in Life Science’ classes in the Karolinska Institutet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am-16:30pm with a one hour break at 12 and the ever important fika every hour or so. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have my ‘Behavioural Management’ classes in the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) from 9am-12pm with obligatory fika breaks.

As of right now I have reflections to write regarding my classes at KTH after every lecture. This is optional but if you participate your grade will be raised, how could I resist that? In a group we must also interview a company of our choosing regarding their structure, strategy, design and vision and present our findings by next week. In addition to this the Home exam for this module is online with new questions being added after every lecture. Given that ‘the early bird catches the worm’, now is a good time to start even though the deadline is the 20th of December especially given the sheer volume of work and material.

In regards to my entrepreneurship classes in Karolinska I have a scientific poster based on a theme of my choice (entrepreneurship within sustainable development), a group business idea and a peer to peer review all due within the next 4 weeks. Effectively I am now in 3 separate groups between both classes and must work with a lot of different personalities to reach our common goals and deadlines. With all three groups I have about 4 meetings a week.


The Royal Institute of Technology

Thus every spare moment I get I am either in the library or working from home on my assignments. I usually stop and go for a run 3 nights a week but now that it is getting colder I have found my motivation has begun to dwindle, to remedy this I will soon be a member of 24 seven fitness gym. At 169 kronor per month it is a very good price with many locations dotted around Stockholm. Staying active is very important to me for obvious reasons but also because nothing else helps me to concentrate more. Perhaps this is because when I run or swim I forget about classes and think of other trivial things and I feel refreshed, who knows!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I attend swedish class in SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) from 6pm-8:30pm. This is good to practice my swedish and helps a lot especially when I haven’t had time to practice, although I always speak swedish when ordering drinks or food. Today was a difficult order, I had to ask for some hot chocolate, if you ever learn the word for chocolate på svenska you will understand 🙂

On Fridays our class usually heads to the Medicinska Föreningen pub, for discount drinks and a lot of fun with friends from other programmes as well. This leaves me the weekend which I leave open unless I have a friend visiting or specific plans have already been made, just to recharge my batteries and catch up with my family and friends on skype.

I will say though that I am enjoying my experience in the Karolinska and have already learned so much. Given my science and specifically speaking environmental chemistry background, learning of business ideas, strategies and management has been a challenge at times but invaluable none the less. I like the lecturers and also my course directors. It has also been nice to spend some time with Hanna and Lena our co-coordinators of the Bioentrepreneurship faculty in KI.

Thank you for reading. Any questions please feel free to email me.

Hej då


2 thoughts on “A Typical Week Thus Far…

  1. hi Andrew, I found your Blog extremely interesting, I am considering attending the KI next year and your blogs have been invaluable. Keep them coming !!

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