Living Costs in Stockholm

I decided to write a blog about living costs here in Stockholm. Before I moved here I was under the impression that Sweden, and most of all Stockholm is one of the most expensive places to live in Europe. This I must admit is true.. to a degree. I come from Ireland; this too is one of the more expensive places to live. I think because of this I find costs very similar to home.

Of course as a student however, regardless of where you are from, keeping costs down is a priority. I have found it very easy to keep costs low. The accommodation where I live is very reasonable considering I am living so close to the city and KI in PAX. I was lucky to get this accommodation as I signed up to Karolinska Housing AB the same day I found out I was accepted into my course. Timing is key in Stockholm as nice housing in a good location is not easy to come by. As a student I recommend signing up to the student union Medicinska Föreningens, which is located on Karolinska Instituet, Solna campus. The card costs a small fee per semester but you receive a student discount on many things from clothes online (asos!) to mobile phone plans and home items. The one area where money can be saved is on the metro; with a valid Mecenat student card (obtained through MF) you receive a great discount. I have a valid SL access card for 3 months which costs around 180 euro, I can travel anywhere in Stockholm as many times as I like within this period.


View from my room in PAX

Moreover, I recommend shopping in big chains like Lidl for food shopping. Preethi has written a great and far more detailed blog on food shopping here

but for me, I usually buy at organic food shops in st Eriksplan or in the local COOP right next to my building for little things like organic milk and eggs, and some specific vegetarian food. Then I have a big shop in Lidl in Odenplan once a week. This is really the cheapest place to buy food and costs the exact same as home for me.


My amazing find in Emmaus 🙂

When it comes to interior design, I recommend IKEA for bedding etc. There is a free shuttle bus which departs central station every half an hour.  This is huge in Stockholm and there is great range but it is not the cheapest place to buy cups and paintings for example. I recommend going to second hand shops such as in Slussen, and mostly in södermalm. This is where I have purchased all of my items. A big chain is Emmaus Stockholm. There is a great range of items from clothing to cutlery to paintings.

Emmaus in Slussen

Emmaus in Slussen, Södermalm

Online shopping is the best option for me while here, but big chains like H & M have relatively reasonable prices, however I live on and buy everything there.. so maybe have look online. You would be surprised in sale time there is usually free delivery and a student discount.

When it comes to restaurants I have found the pricing the exact same as home, if not cheaper. I am a vegetarian and a great place to go is Hermans, it is a veggie restaurant with food served buffet style with free refills of coffee and tea and you can put as much food on your plate as you like, with your Mecenat card it’s 90 SEK but only on Mondays everyother day is buy 1 get one free for students, this set-up I have found quite common here, with many café/restaurants appealing to students in this way. Of course coffee here is cheaper! It is Stockholm and everyone drinks it.

Clubbing and alcohol is a different story. Alcohol is very expensive here. I have never been, but many friends go to the local Systembloget to get alcohol, as it is so much cheaper there. There are clubs where you do not have to pay and this is always recommended, too many times I have had to pay 150S-220SEK to get into an overrated club with bad music.

Ok this is all I can think of for now.. Any questions feel free to ask!

Hej Då!


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