Exchange, exam and a little bit of travelling

Just realized it’s been a while since my last blog post. These last weeks have been crazy, but in both good and bad ways.

It’s really starting to become clear that this is the last year of the programme. You can tell that everyone else in the class feel a bit stressed about this fact as well. The next semester is the sixth and the last, meaning bachelor’s degree project. In addition to the hassle with finding your dream project, about half of us are going abroad to do the project at a partner university. So except for finding a research team willing to take you on, you also need to apply to the university, if you’re going outside of EU: get a VISA and preferrably have somewhere to live that you can afford on your student loan. As I am going to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, I don’t have to worry about applying for VISA but I am still a bit nervous about the fact that I might not have anywhere to live. Potentially problematic. But in all the nervousness, I’m mostly excited. My last exchange experience in Holland during the third semester was above and beyond all expectations. The only advice I have for people concidering going abroad to study is: JUST DO IT! It’s the chance of a lifetime and worth all the preparations.

Last week we had the infamous 5.5 hour exam in oncology and biostatistics. Really interesting, but intense course. But amongst all the studying, me and two friends from the class managed to squeeze in a weekend in Amsterdam. In the end of October, it’s the time of Amsterdam Dance Event. We went there last year during the Leiden exchange and were determined to go there again. Best weekend in a long time, definitely needed a break from all the school work.

Now we’ve started the last course: molecular medicine and I can’t believe it’s just 2 months left until I’m leaving!


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