India visit and Diwali in Stockholm

Last week I was in Bangalore ( Yes! my hometown and I miss it more now) and Chennai for the Sweden Education Days. We had an amazing turn out of students. In Bangalore, it was 700+ students and loads in Chennai.

It just brought back memories of me back in the days with dreams, hopes and aspirations, certain things that I was very sure about, others that were uncertain and things that perplexed me. All these young bright faces reminded me of all those plans I had long long long ago 🙂 . Some of those plans realized, others long forgotten and few in progress….

It was really nice to meet some students ( prospective students) who have been following my blogs and have been emailing me. One even travelled all the way from another city just to meet and chat.

photo 3

photo 5
Hope to see you all next year 🙂

photo 2

It was also the week I spent some time with family and did some shopping and most importantly ate mom’s food. Cliche as it sounds, mom’s food is the best and there is nothing like that in the world. Although i follow the same recipes meticulously, the end result is not even close.

I could sadly not stay for Diwali but celebrated the beautiful festival of lights here in Stockholm with 40 other families from my hometown. It was a wonderful fun filled evening with loads of food and fun and we ended the evening with some fireworks. I felt like I was back in Bangalore for the day.

photo 1
Lakshmi ( goddess of wealth and prosperity) Pooja ( worship)

Singing some bhajans

Now it’s back to school, back to programming and sadly, back to eating food cooked by me 😦

Stay posted till my next blog which is going to about all the questions I was asked at Sweden Education Days and good luck with the applications ……

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