Practical Placement period has started: some highlights

As you know, Bioentrepreneurship Master Program is very special in a way, that during 2-year period students have the opportunities to work 3 times on “real” projects in companies within Life Science field. We had our “Practical Placement 1” during May 2013 and we started our Practical Placement 2 as recently as on 21st of October, this time it will last for 2 months. But let me tell you everything from the very beginning.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, main difference between Practical Placement 1 and 2 is that this time it was mainly students responsibility to find a project/company they would like to join. For this reason I would recommend all prospective/current students at Bioentrepreneurship start thinking on the question “What I would like to do” as early as possible. This understanding will make search process much easier, as people in the companies always prefer to ask “But what exactly would you like to do?”. At this point, chances of being hired/accepted will be higher for those, who can provide a clear answer to this question. Just to show, that finding your project for Practical Placement 2 is a doable task, I will give you some numbers: 28 students managed to find projects on their own and Unit for Bioentrepreneurship arranged projects in the companies only for 3 students in the class.

The spectrum of the companies, where my classmates are working now, makes me feel so proud of my class! To give an idea of what opportunities exist “out there”, below is just a few companies, which my classmates have recently joined:

  • Novartis, Basel, Switzerland
  • Deallus Consulting, London, UK
  • Eli Lilly, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Pfizer, Stockholm, Sweden
  • FARMASTAT Norsk legemiddelstatistikk AS, Oslo, Norway
  • Booz&Company, Germany
  • BASF, Germany
  • Pope Woodhead & Associates Ltd, Cambridge, UK
  • Sweden Bio, Stockholm, Sweden
  • IMS Health, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Biogen, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Biogaia, Stockholm, Sweden

I am proud and a bit sad, that so many of my wonderful friends have left Sweden. But the most important message at the moment – all of us are excited and happy to be engaged in real-time business projects, where we have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge we got during our studies. Next time, I will give some insights on how my Practical Placement 2 is going. Stay tuned and good luck!


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