Sweden & women’s football (My story)

As a person who comes from a relatively male dominated culture (keeping in mind that I’m also open minded), I have (or better say had) my Middle Eastern way of thinking when it comes to women’s football. Not that I had issues that women play football, on the contrary, I think it’s a very positive thing, but I thought that women’s football is not as competitive as men’s football

I recall the times when mentioning “Women’s Football” would be childishly visualized by my brain as girls/women chasing each other, trying to possess the ball and score goals while pulling each others’ hair. (don’t start to hate me now and continue to read the whole post!)

When I came to Sweden, I was surprised about the fact that most of the girls I asked about the kinds of sports they like and/or play would answer saying “football”. I was even more fascinated that guys didn’t express the  same interest in playing football (compared to hockey for example) as girls did! Looking at how well the Swedish women’s football team has performed in international competitions, I started to see things from a different perspective. Although I did that, I still remained a bit skeptical and up to that point, I hadn’t really seen one single full time women’s football match.

The biggest turn happened when a colleague of mine asked me to watch an international friendly between Sweden and Brazil together with the rest of her team mates (football team mates!) live at the stadium and that is when I realized I was totally wrong to be skeptical.

I was taken by the amount of public who attended, the support they gave, their engagement and most of all how competitive, speedy and enjoyable women’s football is . I don’t recall how many times I mentioned to my colleague and her mates “Oh, this is great!”

Thanks Sweden and the Swedish national team for changing my attitude! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sweden & women’s football (My story)

  1. Mina, I was at that match and I didn’t find it to be one of the most exciting matches I’ve attended – and I’m a women’s football officionado! If you want an extra exciting atmosphere (though in chilly temperatures), I would suggest a major happening on Nov. 14: Tyresö FF, last year’s Swedish champions featuring national team stars from a number of countries, will be playing a big Champions League match against a Danish team, Fortuna Hjörring. If you get to Tyresö early, you can even go to a pizzeria in Tyresö Centrum to have a pizza named after the team, a “Tyresö FF”. Support for the women’s team in this little suburb of Stockholm is really quite impressive and everybody from pensioners to little kids attend matches. After the match, a gaggle of Marta-groupies stands and screams for her autograph. I never thought as a football-loving girl waaaay back that I would ever experience anything like it and it tickles me every time I see it!

  2. Hey Shona,
    Thanks for the tips. I will keep the date and try to make it as it does sound exciting! 🙂
    At least for a newbie in women’s football, it was way much beyond my expectations 😉

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