Grocery Shopping in Stockholm…


This post is going to be all about grocery shopping in Stockholm. One major difference between Stockholm and Singapore and what I miss most is the cheap and large variety of food. I never had to cook when I was staying on campus back home in Singapore.

However, most students here bring their own food that can be heated in the microwave ovens provided. You could also dine at the restaurant at KI where they offer meals at reasonable prices at approximately 70Kr. They include the main dish, drink, bread and salad.

Shopping for basic groceries that you need for cooking is not very difficult. You could choose from the supermarkets Lidol, ICA, PrisXtra, Coop, DagLivs, Hempköp and Willys. What worried me the most was whether I would be able to find the required ingredients for Asian cooking especially the spices needed for Indian food.  However, that was not as difficult as I expected.1377986_10151880808814096_1469934175_n

I am staying in Västra Skogen so, the nearest place to go for my spice shopping is  Kista. There are two shops there that sell relatively cheap groceries and everything you need for a great meal. The shops are Kista Grossen and Matkanonen. They are supermarkets with a mix of Middle-Eastern, Greek and Asian food.

Kista Gorssen
Kista Grossen

There are other numerous Asian food markets around but I felt these two were realtively cheaper and convenient. Hötorget is another place to go for shopping for Asian food. There are many other international grocery stores in Stockholm. I have listed a few more in this file. International Grocery Stores

Happy shopping (:

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