Exams are over!

Exams.. are over!

So I just finished my exams! Well for the first two modules I am studying for in KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) at least, Project management and industrial management. Project management was entirely assignment based with half of the grade going on a group project. In this project we, collectively had to think as a project manager and discuss various decisions we made as well as implementing project management strategies and models such as work breakdown structure and GANTT charts among others. I will not give you more details, but perhaps it would be good to know some of what may lie ahead for you here in KI. The second half of marks went on a home exam. This was a lot of work but now it is over I am glad! However, I will say now I feel I have learned a lot about an area I had never paid much attention to before.

Industrial management consisted of a voluntary assignment whereby 8 questions and a seminar were answered to receive an optional 20extra marks. I will say one thing; do not under any circumstance miss a deadline, it is impossible to get any grade once deadline has passed. This made the total grade 120 and 50 is needed to pass. The exam itself was a little bit of a surprise but that is always the way :) Industrial management was for me, an area I really had to concentrate on, my mind has always been very analytical and I work well with calculation, however Industrial management was very different from anything I have ever done before. I can say this module I enjoyed the least, for me it held little interest while I know some of my classmates really enjoyed it, of course it is personal preferences. Thankfully it is now all done and I am free for the week!

A group o us will be heading to Riga in Latvia for Halloween and I think it will be good to forget about study, even if it’s for a little while. We start out next classes in behavioural management next Tuesday so it will be back to the grindstone as they say in Ireland. Hope this enlightened a little on what to expect when you arrive and begin studies :)

Hej då


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