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This post took me two months to finish it.

Two months of changes. I can summarize my time at KI and in Sweden with this sentence. People have changed. Weather as well. And many other things have suffered a transformation during the weeks that have passed.

I also have changed. I am not longer a new student. I am familiarized with buildings, procedures, library, bringing my own lunch and some other practicalities. I acknowledge that I have many new things to learn and much people to know. That is the charm of being a new place, where everything is different from my country and my city. Even the color palette is different.

This has been a beautiful autumn. A friend of mine, Swedish, said that has been colorful and warm, compared with other ones. Although I had been during autumn in United States or even in this very Sweden, I hadn’t had the chance of following all change process in the light and colors. The changes that this city and its people have suffered can be represented by changes in the leaves.

The pictures and animation in this post are from a wall in one building at KI. They cover a range of 7 weeks, from, the 9th of September to 28th of October. I tried to take a daily picture to show the change. But I am an amateur, the pictures were not as good as I wished, and was not able to comply with the daily purpose. Things chaged quickly and you wil see a jump where I did not take a picture for 5 days.

Colors changed slowly in this case. Trees changed their color during October and in a very fast process. We will see if during the spring this plan recovers is leaves as slow as it loose them.

And, by that time, we will be different persons. Wiser, we hope.


This is my first .gif file. If it is not animated in the post, please click to show the change in color during 7 weeks in 30 seconds.

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