Master Thesis Orientation Meeting

On Friday the 25th of October 2013, the current 2nd year students of Health Informatics programme had a meeting with the programme’s directors Sabine Koch (KI) and Uno Fors (DSV, Stockholm’s University). The main purpose of the meeting was to clarify a lot of points that are related to the thesis that we will (hopefully) be working on during the Spring semester 2014.

The meeting was as usual conducted in a very friendly way and atmosphere with both directors talking about different regulations in addition to answering some of the questions that we students had in mind.20131025_113646

Some of the important regulations are:

  1. To be eligible to work on the thesis, the student must at least have 10 credits from the Fall semester 2013.
  2. It is possible to have supervisors from both KI or DSV (Stockholm’s University) since this programme is a joint programme between both universities.
  3. It is even possible to have an external supervisor (outside of both KI and DSV, especially in case of doing the thesis outside of Sweden) provided that the student has also an internal co-supervisor (from KI or DSV)
  4. There are already available topics/projects that students can pick from. These topics are not restricted to only one student each, but can be done by more than one student provided that each works on his/her own perspective.
  5. If the student decides to pick another topic (which is a recommended option), he/she must provide a draft of the proposal latest the 1st of December 2013 which would be approved by the programme’s directors.

Finally, we got encouraged to communicate more with both Sabine Koch and Uno Fors in order to be able to decide on a topic and get it approved before the deadline so that working on the thesis would be smoother with lots of time to prepare and even have a nice Christmas break 🙂





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