Considering studying at KI? Plan your application

I am going to tell you some things about how I applied to study at a university in Sweden (I also applied to Uppsala University).This post refers my experience on submitting applications to be accepted in master programs at a Swedish university by the centralized system in University Admission (UA) and how the process is from the applicant point of view. If you are looking for advice on how to increase your chances to be accepted in a university in Sweden I am not feel comfortable to give you advice other than be prepared, organized and don wait until last time to start getting your documents. But Catie  did a nice work with some suggestions I think they are very useful
I applied for Master programs starting on Fall (autumn) 2012 (not admitted), Fall 2013 and standalone courses during spring 2013 semester (this was a late application). I will review my experiences on those three instances. Initially about preparing and submitting. Later, at due time, for the rest of the process
This post is based in a one I wrote for my personal blog some months ago but I updated some things, corrected others and improved it with my experience after being accepted and recalling some learnings.

1. Application

Application must be prepared with enough time in advance and you must be very clear of the deadlines and the times you will spend getting your documents in your country of origin and the time that certifications, translations and/or legalizations will take. Of course, it depends on your university and your country. Be prepared for the worst case scenario.
For selection processes for masters starting in fall, applications are already open for all programs at KI and most at other universities. This process finishes in January 2014. Accurate dates can be found in I suggest to apply during early December. You will use the application number and will need to print a cover sheet to include in your supporting documents. So, as the mail with your package will take some time to arrive to Stroemsund, you must have that number and cover sheet with enough time before deadline.

During my 2012 and 2013 applications there were two deadlines. The first, January 15th, regards to applications on and the second is about receiving payment and documents. This year the second deadline is February 3rd. Payment could be done by credit card and is charged immediately. Documents take more time.

One of the reasons to plan your application with time is that some documents could take some weeks to be obtained. There are a number of common documents for all programs and universities and there are specific requirements form some universities and programs. So, you must check both the UA site and the pages of programs you are interested in.
Important: if you will submit TOEFL results, be informed that they take between 45 and 60 days to arrive to University Admissions in Sweden after you request ETS to send them (you cannot provide copy of your results by yourself). During the 2012 application, I requested my results very late; University Admissions told me that they are aware of those delays and they accept the results even in late February. But, for your own calm, send them during December or before. I do not know how long does it take to receive reports of other language tests.
2. Sending your documents
Be aware of the order of the documents. University Admissions and your university could request a specific order and it will be easy for them to qualify your competences if you help them to find the documents. There are some instructions about not binding documents, not use staples, etc. For your own good, follow those directions.
If you send your documents by courier as FedEx or DHL it is possible you see that the package remains in Stockholm for some days or that it is forwarded to local operator and you lose tracking. University Admissions offices are located in a small town in the middle of Sweden, Stroemsund, and those companies do not deliver there by themselves. They use the very good Postal Service available in Sweden that takes only one day to transport and deliver the documents once they receive the package. So, do not be very afraid if DHL tracking system does not show updates after arriving to Stockholm. You must be checking your account in University Admissions as they will update your application with the date they receive the package, although you will see that update 2 or 3 working days after they actually receive it.
If you sent documents for a previous application, they will be available for the current one. Those very late TOEFL results I sent were still valid and I did not need to resend them for the 2nd and third applicatios as they were in my documents folder (or whichever system UA uses to keep my documents).
In a couple of months I will post about the following steps in the process. But I can tell you that they are summarized in two words: patience and expectation.

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