When leaves leave…

Autumn they call it, but is nothing else than the introduction to polar winds and snow…

DSC_0002 DSC_0085 DSC_0491 DSC_0549

Regardless personal feelings, when leaves leave I feel a little bit similar when I mourn for a loss. Yes! I know The Lion King says it’s “The Circle of Life”, but what makes me think is that within that circle there are waves; ups and downs, goods and bads, tears and laughs. Leaves leaving I interpret them as downs, but altogether with the hope of a future spring full of light, colors… mostly greens.

This city is an entire performance during the four seasons. During the fall, you can actually distinguish Bob Ross’s full palette colors of red, green and yellow… as well as his happy trees 😉 Leaves falling everywhere as confetti, over the ground placed as nature’s “red carpet” awaiting the big entrance and pass of the One, The Only: Winter…

If I’m allow to say this, winter in Stockholm -as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons masterpiece, is the best of all seasons. At least for me. I know summers here are fantastic, going over the cottages, swimming in the lakes, having sun baths and picnics in Djurgården, and so, everything is also amazing, but seen this city dressed fully in white is one unique spectacle nobody should miss…

Grab your coats, and enjoy the ride!

One thought on “When leaves leave…

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