Scarves…Small, but make a difference!

“They are small, but they make a big difference” said the old lady who was standing beside me waiting for the train.

Our conversation started while we were both waiting for the train at Stockholm’s Central station. It was one of these cold fall days last year. She obviously noticed that I was feeling cold because I only wore a sort of light jacket (just because the morning was sunny and relatively warm and I expected to be home before it gets dark and cold)

She took the initiative and told me how dramatically the weather had changed during the week (from being almost summer like in the beginning of the week to a colder fall weather by the middle of the week) and I nodded agreeing with her. She continued saying “I noticed you don’t wear a scarf.”…

“Yeah, I’m not a big fan of them” I said

She looked surprised and started to explain how small and light scarves are compared to the difference they make in giving a nice warm feeling. She went on stressing that I must change my attitude towards them!

I went back home and dug through my stuff that I took from Egypt and hadn’t used (a couple of scarves were among them) and finally found 1 of them (I still have no idea where the other is!)

The next day I decided to give it a try. I wore the same jacket, but had the scarf on and she was 100% right! The difference was really dramatic. I really felt warmer wearing the same jacket and being surrounded by almost the same conditions as the previous day.

I’m not sharing this only to tell you about how I changed my attitude towards scarves, but mainly to encourage people who underestimate the effect of wearing a scarf to think twice and for those who are worried about the cold weather here and are preparing their gear to face the cold weather here to consider adding buying proper scarves (by this I mean heavy ones, not the fashion shiny ones) to their lists.

Stay warm! πŸ™‚


My gear of scarves
My gear of scarves

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