Two last “classroom”courses at Bioentrepreneurship finished!

Friday, October 18th, was a deadline for submitting the last assignment for the last “class” course during our studies at Bioentrepreneurship program. Time flies and now I can say it “No more lectures and exams, only Practical Placement 2 and Master Thesis ahead”! (I will tell more about this in my next post).

Now, when both courses of Bioentrepreneurship courses are finished, I can give my personal evaluation on what we have learned, as I promised in my post back in September.

It happened, that both courses, Management Consulting and Integration of Science and Business, have taught us how to think and analyze. While Management Consulting course made us think and reflect on our behaviors, Integration of Science and Business highlighted the importance of thinking systematically when it comes to taking strategic decisions.

The core of Management Consulting course was to learn by writing essays based on personal experience where moral code, behaviors, learning process and leadership can be discussed. The key point of the learning process was that we had to discuss our essays in small groups of 6-8 people, giving feedback and comments. I can say that through discussions in my group we learned a lot about similarities and differences of doing business in different countries (China, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Russia).

During Integration of Science and Business course we practiced using theories and models for analyzing cases, where strategic decision for the company have to be taken. The idea was to experience, that when it comes to both science and business it is necessary to use models and theories to be able to navigate in the ocean of data with the aim to extract necessary information and produce valid recommendations/conclusions. Apart from that, we had very interesting and inspiring  guest lectures on sustainability, including the aspect of managing the company, and on pharmaceutical industry development with focus on mergers and acquisitions.  I would like to say “big thank you” to the Unit of Bioentrepreneurship for inviting such prominent speakers!

At this point, we have received all the knowledge within classrooms and are heading to applying this knowledge first during Practical Placement 2 and Master Thesis. Exciting times!

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