Blog action day 2013: Human Rights

Today was (still is) the Blog Action Day. This is an initiative that gathers blogs worldwide to talk one day in the year about an specific theme.  The topic chosen for 2013 was Human Rights. In previous years I have written some posts fot eses days. This year I wanted to call all bloggers from Karolinska Institutet to write about human rights but I did not manage my time to write the email inviting them.

As a foreign student in Sweden you will be able to feel the way this country considers Human Rights as a very important issue. Maybe you will find that the Swedish way of supporting Human Rights and the people who is lacking some rights is quite different from your own country. I can talk about my case where inequalities became that common that I was sometime blind to them. Realizing that the policy of a whole country is showing you that it is not acceptable can be actually shocking.

While living in Stockholm you can also see how common people handle these issues and react on decisions like accepting all refugees coming from Syria and some other in the same direction. That has been happening since many years ago and reflects the state policy on immigration and aid to refugees.

Although this blog is not for talking about politics but how the students live the life I Sweden. And you will be easily find the way to contribute to organizations focused on identifying situations where the human rights are not duly fulfilled and looking for ways to reduce inequalities or injustices that involve the rights of the human beings. And it is possible that you can give help to someone in your country while studying in Sweden.

One of my  reasons to come here was to know people from different places I usually do not meet and to understand the welfare system in this country. I am discovering much more than I expected. People and politics are teaching me, most of the time outside the classrooms of Karolinska Institute.

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