Canadian Thanksgiving in Sverige!

First of all, Happy (belated) Canadian Thanksgiving!

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada. Yes, Canada has a different thanksgiving holiday than the US and yes it is earlier in the Fall and therefore way better than having it so close to Christmas vacation 😉

Thanksgiving is a great excuse to get your family and friends together and eat enough food to induce a food coma. A usual Thanksgiving spread includes a roasted turkey (or another kind of roasted goodness), potatoes (mashed being the popular choice), other vegetables, gravy, perhaps some cranberry sauce for the roast, and of course a dessert of apple or pumpkin pie, best serves with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. There are definitely a lot of variations to this list but in general there is always way too much food and you have smelled it being cooked all day that you definitely can’t control yourself and overeat a bit, entering into a food coma afterwards. The tiredness after a big meal like this one isn’t only about the amount of food you eat however, since (alert, nerd moment coming up) turkey has a chemical called tryptophan in it that actually makes you a bit sleepy. Whether you have eaten enough to actually affect you is up for discussion but we Canadians/Americans generally use this chemical as an excuse for a wonderful post-dinner nap/relaxing time on the couch.

Of course Thanksgiving is also for going for long walks in the colourful autumn leaves and generally catching up on cozy family time. In Canada we have a long weekend just for these reasons and all of my family had the day off yesterday! I was a tad jealous but was lucky enough to enjoy a Thanksgiving of my own on Sunday with a fellow Canadian in Sweden. A friend of a friend from back home is here in Mårsta and invited me over for the whole nine-yard Thanksgiving dinner! The smell of the turkey cooking was so familiar, I felt like I was right back home. There were mashed potatoes, which are the best type since you can make a little hole in them and make a gravy volcano, veggies, gravy, and even a delicious apple pie. Needless to say there was a tiny food coma that followed.

Image Image

It was also so lovely to get out of the city a bit and her place is just on the edge of a nature reserve, with a breath-taking view. Although the sun is setting earlier as the year goes along, I still find the sunsets spectacular here in Sweden. I was on of those people who kept going out to the balcony to take photos as the sun slowly disappeared, as the colours were so vibrant and such a beautiful contrast to the trees and fields below.


All of this to say THANK YOU to my friend for having me over and creating a bit of home away from home. Now that I think about it, I think this is the first Thanksgiving I’ve been away from my family and it was so nice to have a bit of home here in Sverige. It was also just an amazing time of the year to see more of Sweden and even the train ride to Mårsta was full of beautiful scenery, more reasons I am falling in love with this country!! Oh Sweden and your nature, how I love thee…


My American friends and I have already planned to have a dinner in between Canadian and American Thanksgivings so I still have some turkey in my near future, and I will also (maybe) attempt to make pumpkin pie too! Maybe…stay tuned 😉



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