Now what?

One topic seems to be dominating every one of my class mates (and my…) mind at the moment.

What to do when we graduate in june? 

It’s a tough question, I can assure you. I actually more or less stumbled upon this bachelor by accident. I moved to this city because my hometown Göteborg (Gothenburg) was feeling too small and I had a long-distance boyfriend in Stockholm. My actual goal was to become a medical doctor, but I had heard the biomedicine programme was good to study in the mean time and could ultimately provide a backdoor to the medical programme. I chose KI simply because it was located in Stockholm. I had no idea of it’s international rumor or ranking or even that it hosts the nobel comittee.

Once the programme got started, it really managed to captivate me. Even more when I realized how international it was. I’ve always loved to travel and suddenly I had the opportunity to live abroad for two full semesters, in two different countries. And not only that, a career as a researcher can take you anywhere. Even better, KI opens a lot of doors for you internationally.

So when I got accepted to go to Leiden, Netherlands during the third semester and had won a stipend to do research in America the summer before, I decided to put my plans of becoming a medical doctor on hold and finish my biomedicine bachelor first. So far I haven’t regreted it. I’ve had so many fantastic experiences thanks to this programme. And next semester, I’ll be living in London to do my final project.

The question of where I’m headed after graduation remains. Most likely I’ll be moving permanently abroad like I’ve always dreamed of. To do a master? Possibly. This is going to sound sooo cheezy (maybe I am a little cheezy), or as if KI told me to write this, but I’m truly saying this myself:
Wherever I’ll be going next, KI is one of the best foundations I could possibly have for the future.

… and now, a puppy.


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