Aids in a nutshell

Hi guys! I’m back on track.

Currently, we Epidemiology people are taken the course called “Applied Epidemiology II”. For some colleagues this course may seem a little bit too much of a repetition, and for some others is a good recap.

During the next 6 months we will be having these Applied Epidemiology courses, and for the last one (fourth) we’ll have a special course on ethics just before taking-off to devote entirely to our thesis project (the last semester, January-June 2014).

Time flies! I remember arriving in mid-August 2012, pretty much without knowing anyone, and without a clue of how or where to start up. I knew the basics thanks to the information KI sent before arrival. Those brochures are helpful, but reality (sometimes) looks a little bit different.

So, here I’ve listed some handy tips for those recently arrived students, and for those future KI applicants as well:

– Almost for everything you’re going to need a Personal Number. This number basically is the proof of your existence here in Sweden. So, one of -if not the first- thing(s) to do soon after you’ve arrived is to get this document/number through Skatteverket ( which is the Swedish Tax Office. Go to the link above, follow up the instructions and requirements to obtain this ID card (ID-kort) that includes your Personal Number. Don’t worry about the language since almost every Swedish website has an English link.

– This next one is the most rated. Housing. Start looking for housing…

– Svenska: If you’re planning to stay for a long period of time in Sweden, I highly recommend you to plan taking swedish classes at SFI, and I believe MF has also open some other type of courses for this, really attractive!

– Sports: You MUST exercise, and not just for the sake of your health and “good looking”, but to avoid becoming blue and depressed. Really, take this into consideration, I mean it! It will turn over your perspective when dark days arrive during winter.

– Hobbies: Do you have one at home? Do you have one portable? Then bring it with you. This is also a MUST during hibernation periods. It will help you feel entertained and keep you apart from sad thoughts and homesick feelings.

– Interested/Exploring the city: Believe it or not, Stockholm may be the capital of Scandinavia, but it is truly a small city. You can plan short trips every weekend or every other weekend -depending on your demands at school, to go sightseeing, to see new places, museums, restaurants, and to find your favorite spot in here. I’m pretty sure everyone that has ever been in Stockholm has his/her own favorite spot. Look for it! You’ll enjoy the ride, and will take lots of pictures.

Well guys, so far I hope my tips have been useful, or at least make you think about other things whenever you start moving to Stockholm.

See you next time!


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