The Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine is going global!

Hi there all prospective students of Karolinska Institutet! (and everyone else of course).

My name is Lovisa and I am a student in the fifth semester at the Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine here at KI. I am born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden so I dare say I am quite familiar with this city and the way of the Swedes. Feel free to shoot questions at me and I will do my best to answer them.

The Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine is a 3-year programme (180 ECTS) and results in a bachelor’s degree in medical science. After graduating, you are qualified to apply to for example one of KI:s Master’s programmes in Biomedicine, Toxicology or Bioentrepreneurship.

After just one year at the Bachelor’s programme, there are very good opportunities to work in a real lab at KI. This summer, I spent 2 months in a research group with focus on inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and rheumatoid arthitis. I learned so much and it was really great to get an insight of life as a PhD student or a postdoc. I am really interested in research and I am definitely leaning towards proceeding to the Master’s programme in Biomedicine next year.

As from fall semester 2014, the entire Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine will be held in english and therefore, people from all over the world will be able to apply. I think this i fantastic. Since the majority of the courses in the programme are already in english, why not have them all taught in english? Some of the most enriching experiences of the programme has been meeting the exchange students coming to KI from all around the world and of course, being able to go on exchange! During the third semester, 10 people have the opportunity to go to The Netherlands and take the courses in Immunology and Phsyiology there. During the sixth semester, when you do the research project, there are exchange opportunities at universities all over the world, e.g. USA, Australia, Singapore.

Hopefully, you know a little more about the Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine at KI than you did before and hopefully, I have sparked your interest in the programme. Stay tuned for more.


5 thoughts on “The Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine is going global!

  1. Awesome news, it’s about time! Thanks for sharing, Lovisa and good luck with your future studies. Although it might be a bit soon, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the Master Degree Programme in Biomedicine! Have a great weekend, Simon

    P.S. Was our lab work at CMM by any chance? D.S.

    1. Thanks for the support, Simon! Actually it was at Medical inflammation research (MIR). Would love to be a part of CMM at some point, though. They do really interesting research.

  2. Great! I have been looking for any news or post from students in the Biomedicine bachelor, but had no luck. Must post are related to masters degrees!
    I am planning to apply for the 2015autum semester and i was wondering if you can give me more insight on how hard or how much competition there is for this program? What do they expect from you? Or any other tip you can tell me would be great! Thanks in advance 🙂

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