This nice “busy” week or entrepreneurial “self-education” outside the class

This time I would like to share one week of my life as a master student at Bioentrepreneurship program, to highlight the fact that it is not only the master program itself that provides you with knowledge and opportunities, but also Stockholm business environment and the effort you are pitting into learning the world around! This what I have done apart from regular lectures at University.


Asked for a meeting over lunch with a Head of Swedish branch for organization ACCESS International to learn more about the project they launched recently in Stockholm. The project is called “Modern Aging” and is aimed at helping young entrepreneurs to take their ideas from vision to reality and make them as impactful as possible. During the project, young entrepreneurs are provided with seminars and workshops as well as coaching and mentoring.  This project is a good example of how entrepreneurship and innovation is promoted by different organizations in Stockholm. 


Met with “newly hired” team of digital ambassadors, whose blogs you already had the opportunity to enjoy. Now we are very diverse and international team with members from Columbia, South Africa, Egypt,  US, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, China, Mexico, India,  UK, Greece, Sweden and Russia (I hope I did not forget anyone, sorry in advance). Truly Global environment and a very good network to have.


Went to meetup “mHealth in low and middle income countries”. Meetup is a perfect platform to meet interesting people, listen to their ideas or present yours. Would recommend to use this source for all the students with entrepreneurial attitude.


Attended “Women in Leadership in Life Science Industry” event organized by three of my classmates. My entreprenerial classmates conducted an amazing work, managed to invite prominent female speakers from Life Science industry and market the event in a way, that more than 150 students attended it.


No business that day, just socializing with friends, But as we say, you never know from where the best opportunity will come from;)

–> I have to admit, I love this kind of weeks, when something always going on and there are so many sources of inspiration.

Are you entrepreneurial in your every day life? Have a nice weekend!

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