To learn and to unlearn

I am sure all of you have wondered about how different education at KI could be. I thought about that last year when I was applying. I heard and read a lot but now that I am actually studying I have definitely seen some differences and I have had to learn and unlearn in the process.

In India we always say: Matru Devo Bhava ( revere your mother as God), Pitru Devo Bhava( revere you father as God) and Acharya Devo Bhava( revere you teacher as God).

Thus, it is very common to refer a teacher as Sir, Madam, Dr or Professor (as it is in other parts of the world) and here in KI, you actually refer them with their first name. That was very new and rather strange .I still have difficulty using the first name but I am sure I will get over it in some time. The respect is still there but it fosters a better relationship in a way. I think it makes communication easy and a little less formal in some ways.

The second thing in Health Informatics Program is that group work is encouraged and we always have group assignments. That was again very new for me and I was unsure at first but after my first group assignment I am now a fan. My group had students with both medical and technical background and working together I realized that I ended up learning a lot more than I probably would have otherwise. It is not just learning about the subject but also working on people and leadership skills. It prepares us for the real world especially in the Healthcare IT field where we need to work with experts in different fields and granted it is a lot more fun this way.

Last but not the least I am very happy that all reports are submitted anonymously and this eliminates any kind of bias or favoritism.

I might do a follow up blog on the same topic a few months down the line when I have probably  learnt and unlearnt a lot more.

The future health informaticians :)
The future health informaticians 🙂

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