Bicycle and leaves
Picture by Mauricio Duque.

If you are going to walk by Stockholm you will be sharing your journey with bicycles and cyclists. No matter the weather, you will find somebody that prefers to do the journey in this vehicle instead of chosing the bus, the metro or his own feet. This is not rare in this place with a high ecologic awareness (at least I think it) and with people that do a lot of sports and excercise. You can read, as a complement, Dina’s post Stockholm – may be one of the most “sporty” cities in the world!

Using bicycles in Stockholm is a very good transportation option in this city. There are parkings in almost every place: Tunnelbana station, building, square and park and other. There is no excuse to avoid using bicycle as the hills are not high, you can pedal in pretty secure conditions. The car drivers respect the cyclist (most of the time) and you do not have to own your bike: some services can lend you one. Somebody also told me that starting winter some people sell their used bicycles as they do not have place to store them. Maybe there will be good opportunities (if you have where to keep it during the winter).

Stockholm is a quite safe city, compared with other capitals. But, anyway, you must be careful. If you want to have a fancy bicycle you must know that you need to take additional precautions as having a safer (heavier and more expensive) lock, for instance. Maybe you would need to remove the seat and bring it with you. If you prefer a cheap bicycle you also need to take some safety measures but yo can be more relaxed.

But, actually, there is a thing that sometimes make me mad. I do not know the reason why some of the cyclists go that fast in tracks that are not physically separated from sidewalks. Sometimes they are really speedy and, in a couple of times, I have seen two of them almost crashed against a vehicle. I do not even know how they manage to not run over pedestrians. Of course, not all cyclists are included in this description but I think there is an obvious trend: the ones more experienced (identified by the type of bicycle, garment and other accessories) tend to drive faster. Anyway, it seems the accident rate is very low. You only need to be aware of the cycle track near you when you walk.

Don´t let anything discourage you of using wheels, pedals and your legs. Be sure that bicycles will not be banned as happened in some streests and avenues in Calcutta. But always wear a helmet and be careful of reckless pedestrians, like me, which sometimes invade the bicycle track.

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