Hello from Stockholm! My name is Preethi and I come from sunny island Singapore. I am glad to be one of the digital ambassadors representing the Masters in Biomedicine Programme.

This is my first time out of Asia, in Stockholm, Sweden. The daunting first few weeks of settling down would not have been possible without the wonderful student representative who picked me up from the airport and the loads of information that KI provided us during the introduction week. Upon arrival, I realized how different Stockholm is from Singapore, the main difference being the weather. Singapore is hot and sunny throughout the year where the temperature barely reaches a low of 23°C. Weather in Stockholm: The total opposite.

It has been a little more than a month since I arrived at Stockholm and my experiences so far have been nothing but amazing. If I were to describe Stockholm in one word, I would say BEAUTIFUL. Stockholm is a beautiful city filled with rich history, monuments and very importantly nature! Arriving here nearing the end of summer, I was lucky enough to catch a few warm and sunny days. These were the days when we headed out for picnics to chill and take quick dips in the cold lakes.




(Food for picnic! )


(A lake near Skarpnäck)

I am really excited to see what Stockholm and Karolinska has to offer in the coming months. I will be blogging about my escapades, courses and information that I believe will be important for you prospective students of KI. So keep a look out and hope you enjoyed my first post!



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