Beautiful Stockholm!

Beautiful Stockholm skyline

LIVE from a beautiful (albeit a little chilly) Stockholm!! Hello – My name is Alexandra and I will be one of the two Global Health digital ambassadors sharing my stories, experiences and information with you over the course of the next 10 months!

First off, Stockholm is beautiful! You will arrive here at the end of summer, and if you are lucky – like we have been this year – you will experience warm days and balmy summer nights. You will have the opportunity to explore Stockholm outdoors and partake in some of Swedish summer culture. The city itself is a friendly, safe and well-organized city, providing much opportunity for exploration. Now.. Karolinska –

Why Karolinska? Why Global Health – well…After completing my Masters in International Relations I worked within the public health field  (broadly – in HIV and SRHR) within East and Southern Africa. After a few years, I decided that I needed a little more technical knowledge and expertise. After you have made that decision – Karolinska is an easy choice. Global Health is a unique course in that it offers a broad multidisciplinary range drawing expertise and knowledge from Political Science, Law, Health Sciences, Health Economics, Epidemiology and a few other pertinent topics – thus making it an eclectic and dynamic degree. Coming to beautiful Stockholm – is an added bonus!

Upon arrival here I have not been disappointed – my class mates are well travelled, brilliant, engaged, diverse and dedicated. They draw their experience from all corners of the globe – both professionally and academically. I hope you will share this year with me – both the experiences and the challenges.

I look forward to this year and hope it is full of new, exciting adventures – fabulous people and enlightening education!


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Stockholm!

  1. Welcome Alexandra, good to have you with us here at KI! Thanks for an eye-opening first blog entry. You tend to get desensitised to the beauty of Stockholm and take it for granted after living here for so long. Hope to see you around!

  2. […] After the courses have been completed the students are required to undertake research for their masters degree project. This research topic has to be decided on very early in the course (within the first two months, earlier if you want to go abroad) and you undertake this between the months of February and June.  It therefore, might be a good idea for you to begin to think through some potential areas that you would like to further investigate for your degree project.  The degree project itself is about 30 pages and can be either qualitative or quantitative, and look at primary or secondary data. As you will perhaps note from earlier Global Masters posts, there is also an opportunity to go abroad to undertake your research. This can be done either on your own, self financed, or if you are Swedish (or a Swedish resident) you can apply for a Minor Field Study grant. If you are given this grant, you are able to undertake your research in amazing settings such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, El Salvador… (and more)to name a few examples taken from friends and colleagues…. For those of you who are unable to go abroad (like me) you will have the opportunity to work closely with the lecturers and professors at the Public Health Department on secondary data analysis – which of course has its advantages as this means you will be able to spend more time in ‘Beautiful Stockholm’! […]

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