An Indian in Sweden


My name is Ragashree and I am a student in the Masters in Health Informatics Program in Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. I am originally from India and I moved to Stockholm from the US last September. I am very excited to be a Digital Ambassador for the Health Informatics Program.

I am a medical doctor with an interest in the application of technology in the practice of medicine and this is exactly why the Masters Program in Health Informatics was the perfect choice for me.

I remember last September was when i first heard about KI and one day i decided to visit the campus. Thats when I knew that I wanted to study at KI and after one year, here I am representing KI.

Join me  in this journey as i explore the Program, KI and Stockholm.

Hope you enjoyed my first post and like they say in Sweden “Vi ses”.


6 thoughts on “An Indian in Sweden

  1. Hi Ragashree!

    This is Shivashree from India, I just got an admit from KI. Would like to know more about life at KI. I would like to discuss my questions on an email. Hope you wouldn’t mind the same.


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