A new generation of Health Informaticians at KI

Last week (exactly on the 2nd of Sept.) was the starting date of the fall term of the Global Master’s Programme in Health Informatics at KI. This includes the current students (who are doing their 2nd year) and the new ones.

Just like last year, the first day was an introductory day. The aim of the day is for students to get to know each other, mingle and have fun. Me and some of my colleagues from the older generation went there and took part in the introductory sessions.

What I first noticed was that the number of the new students surpassed last year’s number which generally gives a positive impression about both the programme and the field. Talking to the new students, I also realized that the majority of them have Helathcare backgrounds which is also an interesting change knowing that it’s the opposite in my generation.

I certainly don’t know the reasons behind this and don’t want to over-analyze things, but I think it’s just good to see people from all over the world studying Health Informatics at KI.

Personally, I had some contact with some of the new students before they came to Sweden and it was a real pleasure seeing them at KI after a lot of virtual contact and of course it was a real pleasure to chat with and get to know the new ones that I didn’t have any forms of contact with before coming to KI.

It felt great seeing a new generation of motivated and excited future health informaticians. I’m wishing both them and us the best of luck with our studies 🙂New Students New and Old Students Presentation

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